Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Research lines

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Applications of novel membranes and processes to the development of devices for Green Energy

Selected papers from this research line:

  • Nogalska, A., Ammendola, M., Tylkowski, B., Ambrogi, V., Garcia-Valls, R., Ambient CO2 adsorption via membrane contactors - Value of assimilation from air as nature stomata, Jourrnal of Membrane Science, 546, 41- 49 (2018)
  • A Zare, L. Perna, A. Nogalska, V. Ambrogi, P. Cerruti, B. Tylkowski, R. Garcia-Valls, M. Giamberini *, Polymer blends for improved CO2 capture membranes, Polymers, 11(10),1662 (2019)
  • R. Teruel-Juanes, K. A. Bogdanowicz, J.D. Badia, V. Sáenz de Juano-Arbona, R. Graf, J. A. Reina, M. Giamberini, A. Ribes-Greus *, Molecular Mobility in Oriented and Unoriented Membranes based on Poly[2-(Aziridin-1-yl)ethanol], Polymers, 13, 1060-1080 (2021)

Membranes and microcapsules applied to Medicine

Selected papers from this research line:

  • E. Rajczak, B. Tylkowski, M. Constantí, M. Haponska, B. Trusheva, G. Malucelli, M. Giamberini*, Preparation and characterization of UV-curable acrylic membranes embedding natural antioxidants, Polymers, 12(2),358 (2020)
  • B. Tylkowski, M. Nowak, I. Tsibranska, A. Trojanowska, R. Garcia Valls, T. Gumi, M. Giamberini, R. Jastrzab, Concentration and fractionation of polyphenols by membrane operations, Current Pharmaceutical Design, 23(2), 231-241 (2017)
  • V. Marturano, J. Kozlowska, A. Bajek, M. Giamberini, V. Ambrogi, P. Cerruti, R. Garcia-Valls, J. M.Montornes, B. Tylkowski*, Photo-triggered capsules based on lanthanide-doped upconverting nanoparticles for medical Applications, Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 398, 21301 (2019)

Stimuli-responsive materials for membranes and microcapsules

Selected papers from this research line:

  • D. Pirone, N. A. G. Bandeira, B. Tylkowski, E. Boswell, R. Labeque, R. Garcia Valls, M. Giamberini *, Contrasting photo-switching rates in azobenzene derivatives: How the nature of the substituent plays a role, Polymers, 12(5),1019 (2020)
  • A Trojanowska, N. A. G. Bandeira, A. Nogalska, V. Marturano, M. Giamberini, P. Cerruti, V. Ambrogi, B. Tylkowski, Squeezing release mechanism of encapsulated compounds from photo-sensitive microcàpsules, Applied Surface Science, 472, 143-149 (2019)
  • V. Marturano; V. Bizzarro; P. Cerruti; A. de Luise; A. Calarco;V. Ambrogi; M. Giamberini; B. Tylkowski, Essential oils as solvents and core materials for the preparation of photo-responsive polymer nanocàpsules, Nanoresearch, 11(5), 2783-2795 (2018)

Other fields of our research

  1. Reduction of contaminants through the treatment of wastewaters

  2. Degradation of pollutants and the design of novel biodegradable materials to reduce the problems of microplastics

  3. Microencapsulation in agriculture

  4. Immobilization of Ionic Liquids or enzymes in membranes or microcapsules

  5. Novel materials for cosmetics

Selected papers related to some of these research lines:

  • F.Z. Janini, H. Khiar, N. Taoufik, A. Elhalil, M. Sadiq, A.V. Puga, S. Mansouri, N. Barka, ZnO-Al2O3-CeO2-Ce2O3 mixed metal oxides as a promising photocatalyst for methyl orange photocatalytic degradation, Mater. Today Chem., 21, 100495 (2021)
  • R. Donoso, J. A. Reina *, M. Giamberini *, S. De La Flor, F. Ferrando, P. Cerruti, Thermal and mechanical characterization of EMA-TEGDMA mixtures for cosmetic applications, Polymers, 10(3),256 (2018)
  • M. Haponska, A. Trojanowska, A. Nogalska, R. Jastrzab, T. Gumi, B. Tylkowski*, PVDF membrane morphology - Influence of polymer molecular weight and preparation temperature, Polymers, 9 (12), (2017)
  • Massons-Gassol, G., Gilabert-Oriol, G., Gomez, V., Garcia-Valls, R., Molina, V.G., Arrowood, T., Method for distinguishing between abiotic organic and biological fouling of reverse osmosis elements used to treat wastewater, Desalination and Water Treatment, 83, 1-6 (2017)